Acrylic and chrome dentures

Dentures can be acrylic or chrome. As the names suggest, the acrylic dentures are made of acrylonitrile, it is used for making plastics, while chrome dentures are made of chromium, which is a metal.

There are some differences among these types of dentures and you can choose the type you prefer. Some of the major differences between acrylic and chrome dentures are:

  • Chrome dentures are much thinner than acrylic dentures, hence when these dentures are fixed, the mouth does not feel crowded, as it sometimes does with acrylic dentures
  • Chrome dentures are stronger than acrylic dentures, and have the palate open. This facilitates the individual in eating food more conveniently
  • Chrome dentures fix well in the mouth and do not move around. This is because the retaining clasps of the chrome dentures are very strong and these offer more security than the acrylic dentures.
  • Incidences of the gums being stripped away from the teeth are almost zero with chrome dentures. These dentures facilitate the individual by sharing the load between the remaining teeth and the gums.
  • Acrylic dentures are less expensive than chrome dentures
  • Acrylic dentures take more time to be prepared.
  • As the chrome dentures are thinner than the acrylic ones, rebasing them is not possible, therefore the serving life of chrome dentures can be less than acrylic dentures.