Acid erosion

Acid erosion is when the surface of a tooth is lost or damaged by acidic chemical dissolution instead of the infections caused by bacteria.

Acid erosion is more common amongst children. The most widespread reason for acid erosion is the consumption of acidic drinks and foods. Children should be taught to eat good foods for oral health as that’s vital and must know How acidic foods and drinks could affect their oral health. Food or drinks are known to be acidic if the pH level of these are be below 5.0 – 5.7. Fruit juice, which contains citric acid, etc, and carbonated soft drinks, such as colas, have more potential to cause acid erosion.

Acid erosion can also be caused due to intrinsic acid sources, for example, gastric acid from the stomach can also cause acid erosion if it comes into contact with the teeth. There are several diseases which can cause acid erosion in the same way.

A change of color in the teeth is among the first symptoms of acid erosion. The second symptom is a change in the shape of the tooth. A tooth becoming subject to acid erosion starts to wear off fractionally and the gap between the teeth increases as well.

  • If acid erosion is due to any medical disease or disorder, then treatment must be obtained from the doctor before any dental treatment can be started.
  • Acidic foods and beverages should be avoided.
  • Brushing and flossing technique should be applied gently and softly.

The application of excessive force or pressure while cleaning teeth can damage them further. Experts have also mentioned that drinking liquids with the use of straws is much better than the usual way.

Fluoride has the potential to trigger re-mineralization, hence toothpastes, mouthwash, medications or other oral health care products which have fluoride should be used.