Lip Biting

Lip Biting is self-injurious behavior. Self-injurious behavior is when an individual has the tendency and habit to deliberately harm themselves and their body without suicidal intent. People with this habit of biting their lips should get treatment to enable them to cease because if they continue they will keep on damaging and harming their lips. Visit your nearby dentist for the Dental problems and treatment!

Different treatments are available. Soft mouth guards and shields can prevent the tongue and lips from being harmed due to this habit. Acrylic trays, lip bumpers and stainless steel crowns have also been introduced in the markets. All these devices and appliances can help individuals who bite their lips by reducing the damage caused by the habit.

The habit of lip biting is a fixed neurotic behavior in some people. The use of a lip bumper to prevent the individual from biting their lips is preferred by many Oral Health Care Specialist because it can be produced very easily. Chewing food does not become difficult at all with the lip bumper. Lip bumpers can be fixed or removable. When the fixed lip bumper is installed, once the habit is broken and the ulcerations or lesions caused are healed, it can be removed.

Most people who bite their lips do not realize that they have such a habit. Sometimes,a mental health professional should also be consulted if an individual has such a serious problem with lip biting that it is causing severe damage. So visit your dentist if such is the case and get immediate treatment.