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When a foreign object is applied with immense pressure and force on a tooth, and as a result the tooth starts to wear off, this process is known as dental abrasion. The most fragile and delicate segment of a tooth in this regard is the cementoenamel junction. This is read more

Amalgam tattoos

Amalgam tattoos are a blue, black or gray spot in the mouth. They are called amalgam tattoos because they look like a tattoo. The amalgam tattoo can be formed in the mouths of individuals who have amalgam fillings, caps, crowns, dentures, etc fitted. Amalgam is the al read more


When a tooth is infected and pus is formed in the roots of the tooth, it is called an abscess. The reason for the formation of pus is the bacterial infection in the soft pulp of the tooth. The following are the factors that can cause bacterial infection in the soft pulp, cause dead pulp tissue, and read more

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