Wrong Diagnosis

Wrong Diagnosis

Cases which are wrongly diagnosed by physicians and doctors can be amongst the worse experiences of life. Try to visualize the distress when a person has a severe headache, visits a doctor, and he is told by the physician that he is suffering from migraine, although in point of fact, he is suffering from brain aneurysm. Or imagine an individual experiencing dizziness and he is informed that he is suffering from a minor ear problem, while actually, he has had a stroke, and it is too late to perform any treatment.

Sometimes, physicians mistakenly make the wrong diagnosis and assume a severe disease to be a minor problem. This can lead to extremely detrimental situations and can even be fatal for the patient. Thousands of patients die every year due to wrong diagnosis by physicians and doctors.

According to experts, this is the area where more room for improvement is available. Although diagnosis of a disease is challenging, it is however, the duty of the physician and the doctor to professionally and properly diagnose the disease or disorder so that it is not left untreated. Wrong diagnosis does not always lead to catastrophic situations, most of the time the mistake is corrected and the disease is diagnosed and treated properly.

Diagnostic errors and wrong diagnosis can be minimized by following simple strategies. Maintaining checklists can be helpful as well. The latest sophisticated technologies such as X-rays, CT scans, etc are fundamental in this regard and these effectively minimize the risk of wrong diagnosis and help doctors and physicians to diagnose the disease or disorder properly. Viewing of the x-ray and CT scan reports tby other physicians and getting their advice is also good practice which can help in this regard.

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