Sport guards

Sport guards

Sports guards are protective devices which protect the teeth, gums, lips and the arches from injuries during sports and games. These devices effectively cover the teeth and gums and hence, act as a shield to pretect these from accidental blows, trauma and injuries. Usually, they are used in contact sports.

Initially, sports guards were used to protect the teeth and gums of boxers and to prevent lip cuts and lacerations during a match. They were then used in hockey games as well. Today, most of the contact sports that may involve danger to the players teeth, lips and gums, use sports guards. These contact sports include mixed martial arts, rugby, Australian football, wrestling, American football, baseball, boxing, snowboarding, field hockey water polo, underwater hockey, basketball and figure skating.

The intentional or accidental impact to the face during sports can be damaging for the jaw, teeth, gum and lips. Moreover, concussion is a specific type of traumatic brain injury, the severity and chances of concussion can also be diminished to a great extent with the use of sports guards. Usually, the rules of the particular sport or the local health law call for the use of sport guards during contact sports.

In the recent years, the incidence of dental injuries during sports have significantly decreased due to the use of sports guards. However, injuries have not been completely eliminated because dental injuries can occur when the sports guard is fitted poorly or is made of low quality material.

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