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Oral hygiene instruction

Good oral hygiene is extremely important in maintaining healthy teeth and gums and to ensure good general health. The mouth of every person is a part of the body where bacteria can easily find a hideout.  Our mouths are full of bacteria all the time and these bacteria can cause infections in the ora read more

Dental sealants

Dental sealants are basically thin plastic material coverings which cover and protect the teeth against bacteria which can cause tooth decay in the future. Dental sealants are usually applied on the back teeth, on the chewing surface. These teeth are called the premolars and molars. This is the area read more

Air flow

One of the most effective treatments in obtaining cleaner and whiter teeth is the air flow dental treatment. This treatment is unusual because the dental hygienist or the periodontist does not even touch the teeth. There are three components to this treatment; air, sodium bicarbonate and a jet of wa read more


Polishing is the process by which the surface of the teeth are smoothed. This is done with the help of a brush, a rubber cap or an air polisher which is activated by a hand piece or water unit. The perfect combination of the scaling and polishing processes effectively clean the teeth of plaque and t read more

Dental scaling

Dental scaling is the process by which the plaque and tartar on the teeth is removed. Plaque is the sticky layer which coats the teeth due to the presence of bacteria. This plaque, when not cleaned within due time, turns into a harder form known as tartar. By scaling, the dentist effectively cleans read more

Preventive dental examinations

Preventive dental examinations are crucial for the oral health of everyone.  It is advised by dental hygienists that every individual should go through a preventive dental check up every six months. This ensures that any type of tooth or gum disease is treated at the right time. If any type of to read more

Deep scaling and root planning

Deep scaling and root planning is the process which gets rid of the etiologic agents which trigger inflammatory effects. As periodontal disease causes inflammation to the gums and therefore requires treatment, deep scaling and root planning are among the procedures. With plaque and tartar cluster read more

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