Periodontal procedures

Periodontal charting

Periodontal charting is the graphic representation of the situation in an individuals mouth. Periodontal charting highlights the caries, malposed teeth, clinical attachment levels, restorations, furcation (root) involvement, pocket depths, bleeding sites, mobility, and other similar disorders. Th read more

Gum overgowth treatment (gingivectomy)

If you are suffering from periodontal disease, which cannot be cured with the use of antibiotics and deep scaling and root planning procedures, then you will require surgery for the treatment of the disease. Gingivectomy is the process by which diseased and infected gum tissues are removed or reshap read more

Gum recesssion treatment (soft tissue graft)

Individuals who have periodontal disease can go through treatment which will control their dental problems and gum recession. The aesthetics of the gum line can be developed as well. Gum recession leads to the exposure of tooth roots. This makes the teeth look longer, making your smile unsightly. Bu read more

LANAP - laser assisted new attachment procedure

The laser assisted new attachment procedure also referred to as LANAP, is a process by which periodontal disease is treated and cured. The peculiarity of this treatment is that it cures periodontal disease by regeneration process, while other techniques use the resection process. LANAP is a successf

read more

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