Periodontal disease and the connection with systemic disease

Diabetes and periodontal disease

It has been observed and mentioned by experts that in individuals who are suffering from diabetes the occurrence of periodontal disease is much higher. The exact reasons for diabetic patients being more vulnerable to periodontal disease are still unclear and needs more research and study. However, c read more

Respiratory disease and periodontal disease connection

Respiratory diseases and bacterial respiratory infections are caused when fine droplets are inhaled from the mouth and throat to the lungs. These droplets include microbes which can cause damage to the lungs and lead to respiratory disease. These germs breed and multiply within the lungs as well. read more

Atherosclerosis and heart disease connection with periodontal disease

Atherosclerosis is one of the principal causes of deaths and disabilities in the United States. It is basically a chronic condition which is associated with a hyper-inflammatory state. Substantial direct and indirect evidence exists which propose the causative link between periodontal pathogens and read more

Periodontal Disease and the connection with Systematic Diseases

Systematic diseases are diseases that involve many organs, or the whole body. The mouth is obviously connected to the rest of our body, and there has been a lot of research into the connection between periodontal and systematic diseases. It is important to treat any gum diseases th read more

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