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Interceptive orthodontics

When treatment is initiated after signs of future orthodontic problems in the mouth of a young child is seen by a dentist, this treatment is called interceptive orthodontics. and eliminates the necessity for children to have dental braces installed later. When the dentist observes that a child do read more

Mini braces

Mini braces are the alternative to traditional metal braces which save the individual from the unsightly metallic smile and instead offers an aesthetically appealing look. It can be said that mini braces are the miniature versions of the usual dental braces, which although use stainless steel, do no read more

Possible complications or effects during the orthodontic tratment

Orthodontic treatments can be extremely beneficial for improving occlusion between the teeth, improving the speech ability of an individual and to maintain the overall health of the teeth and gums. However, there are some complications and risks associated with orthodontic treatments as well. The read more

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