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Elastic ligature

An elastic ligature is small elastic which attaches the archwire with the brackets. Usually, whenever the dental braces are adjusted, these elastic ligatures are replaced. Different color options are also available which the patient can choose from, and include translucent. When these elastic lig read more


After getting the teeth aligned with the use of dental braces, the gum tissue and bone gets stressed. The gum tissue consists of elastic fibers which can be stretched or compressed according to the condition. When the tooth is crooked and misaligned, the gum tissues adjust to its position, and when read more


Orthotropics is the treatment which deals with and eliminates the problems pertaining to the perfect growth of the face and the jaws. Many people have problems of crooked teeth, sloping foreheads, flat faces, large noses, etc. All these problems are associated with downward growing jaws. Orthotropic read more

Palatal expander

The palatal expander is a dental device which can widen the upper jaw, so that the upper and lower tooth arch fit together and meet perfectly. Usually, the palatal expander is used by children, however, in some situations adults can also use the palatal expander, and the effects of the expansion can read more

Damon system

The Damon system is a method to cure and get rid of malocclusion conditions. There are four fixed types of methods by which malocclusion can be treated. Besides the Damon system, the other treatment methods are the smart clip, the praxis guide and the carriere LX. The Damon braces are much more c read more

Lingual arch

A lingual arch is a dental device by which two molars of the upper or lower tooth arch are connected. When two molars of the lower tooth arch are connected by a lingual arch, an archwire is used and this archwire goes through the teeth from the tongue side. When two molars of the upper tooth arch ar read more

Orthodontic wax

After the installation of dental braces, sometimes irritation occurs between the dental braces and the gums, lips or cheeks. This irritation is caused because the metal used in the dental braces can cause soreness and discomfort. Even eating and speaking can be difficult in this situation. In order read more

Oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment

Maintaining good oral hygiene is vital for achieving positive results of any orthodontic treatment. The patients failute to sustain good oral health during and after an orthodontic treatment will waste the time and energy of the orthodontist and can worsen the situation for the patient themselves. read more

Smart retainer

The SMART retainer is a small device which is fixed with an orthodontic retainer. The SMART retainer keeps account of how often the retainer is worn and how long the retainer has been worn. It is a precision medical device which can be easily placed in the orthodontic retainer, just like a decal. Th read more


Orthodontic retainers are specifically made devices which have the capability of holding the teeth together after a dental surgery, removal of dental braces or any treatment done for improving the alignment between the teeth. These orthodontic retainers are used so that the surrounding gums and the read more

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