Oral anatomy

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The cementum is a substance which covers the root of the tooth. It is one of the four components of a tooth, with the other components being, enamel, dentin and pulp. The cementum is not as hard as the enamel or the dentin and is mainly made up of hydroxylapatite. Like most hard tissues, the ceme read more


Dentin is a type of tissue and one of the four components which form a tooth. Dentin is the tissue which lies beneath the enamel. The enamel is the outer surface of the tooth. Dentin is mostly formed by the mineral hydroxylapatite. The natural color of dentin is yellowish. As the enamel is semi-tran read more


A tooth is made up of four tissues; one of these tissues is the tooth enamel. This is a very hard tissue and why it completely protects the inner tissues of the teeth. The other three tissues which make a tooth are dentin, cementum and dental pulp. The tooth enamel is the outer surface of a tooth wh read more


The tooth surfaces which are adjacent to the cheeks or lips are known as facial, whilst the tooth surfaces which are adjacent to the tongue are called lingual. There is further distinction between the surfaces close to the cheeks and lips, the teeth surfaces close to the cheeks are called buccal and read more

Childrens teeth - eruption times

The following is an eruption chart which mentions the timeline for the eruption of all the teeth. Upper teeth   Teeth type Deciduous tooth eruption (age in months) Deciduous tooth falling (age in years) Central incisor 8-12 6-7 Lateral incisor 9-13 7-8 read more

Adult teeth - permanent teeth

After the deciduous teeth fall, the second set of teeth which erupt are called the permanent teeth. There are thirty two teeth in total. Permanent teeth comprise of six maxillary molars and six mandibular molars, four maxillary premolar and four mandibular premolars, two maxillary canines and two ma read more

Teething and baby teeth

When the first set of teeth start erupting for the baby, it is the time which can be wearisome for the child as well as the parents of the child. It is essential that all parents should have an understanding of the things that happen when the first set of teeth erupt, and what can be done to make th read more

Childrens teeth, milk teeth

Childrens teeth, milk teeth or deciduous teeth are the first set of teeth which children have. These teeth erupt in infancy and then fall and get replaced with permanent teeth. The formation of the milk teeth start in the pregnancy before the baby is born. After the birth and when the child reaches read more

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