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When should wisdom teeth be removed?

The question, when should a wisdom tooth be removed, is a debatable topic among dentists. It has been a long argument between dentists and orthodontics which has continued for several years. Should the wisdom tooth be extracted and removed before it starts creating trouble for the patient?, is the b read more

Dental emergencies - how to deal with these?

People often face the problem of strange or abnormal tastes in the mouth. Initially they think that they have been eating tasteless foods, but later on, they recognize that the problem is not with the foods, but in fact with the tongue!

read more

Individuals suffering from mental illness seek comprehensive health care plans

Individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression, dementia or other mental disabilities have a higher chance of poor oral health. This was found and confirmed by research completed by experts in Australia. These experts concluded that in order to educate, treat and approach individuals who suff read more

Proper and regular brushing of the teeth

Regular and proper brushing of the teeth is extremely vital for maintaining good oral health. Every individual should brush their teeth twice a day in the appropriate manner. This ensures that the oral cavity remains clean and free from diseases and infections. The following are the step by step ins read more

Regular dental check-ups are important

Regular dental check-ups are important Regular dental check-ups and dental cleaning are extremely important. Proper dental cleaning not only offers numerous benefits, but the lack of cleaning leads to numerous dental and general health problems as well. Poor health of the teeth and gums can lead read more

Gum disease can affect your general health

The cleanliness of the teeth and gums is often overlooked by people. However, it should be noted that by keeping the teeth and gums clean, not only does the dental health stay perfect, but the overall general health remains perfect as well. When teeth and gums are not cleaned regularly and properly, read more

Oral cancer screening along with dental check

Oral cancer screening along with dental check-ups Oral cancer is a type of cancer which has become alarmingly common these days. According to statistics, in the United States, one patient dies due to oral cancer every hour. Oral cancer can involve the tongue, cheek lining, the f read more

Fluoride in your food, dental products and water

Fluoride is extremely beneficial and is accepted by dentists all over the world as being useful. The frequent supply of fluoride to the teeth prevents dental caries. Dental caries is the condition which can lead to dental cavities. Fluoride can be applied to the teeth topically or systemically. T read more

Dental treatment is imperative to get rid of dental disease

Most people are afraid of dentists, however, it should be noted that a toothache is far worse than the visit to the dentist. The intense and severe pain of a toothache is extremely disturbing and nothing seems to eradicate the pain. The slip-up which many people make is that they do not go for regul read more

Tooth enamel erosion. How common is that?

Tooth enamel is the outer layer of a tooth. It is considered to be one of the strongest substances in the body of humans. The tooth enamel protects the tooth from the wear and tear which occurs due to biting and chewing and from the damage caused to the tooth caused by exposure to hot and cold food read more

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