Proper nutrition is significant in dental health

Proper nutrition is significant in dental health

To have healthy teeth and good oral hygiene, it is important that proper diet and nutrition should be maintained, especially during teenage years and when young. Individuals should be educated about the importance of healthy diet and nutrition and its impact on overall health and dental health as well. In order to maintain good oral health and hygiene, items which have sugars and starches should not be consumed excessively.

When food items, which have sugar or starches, are consumed, the bacteria in the oral cavity use this sugar and starch to produce acids which start damaging the tooth enamel. The tooth enamel is the outer layer of a tooth which protects the inner soft components of the tooth. The process of the enamel getting damaged is known as demineralization. When the enamel is mineralized back, it is known as remineralization.  When the remineralization is slower than demineralization, dental caries can be the result. Hence, for maintaining oral hygiene and health, it is necessary that the excessive consumption of sugary items should be avoided.

It is not necessary that sugery food should be completely avoided, but the goal is to have a properly balanced diet in order to have good overall health and oral health. Fruits, milk, cereals, bread and even some vegetables contain starch and/or sugar. These should not be completely avoided, but eaten in moderation.

Drinking plenty of water daily is very effective for  good health. Similarly, snacking between meals is not  good practice and it should be cut down. Soft drinks and snacks which are high in sugar should be avoided, or at least not used excessively. The cleanliness of the teeth and gums should be maintained by proper and regular brushing and flossing of the teeth. Moreover, frequent regular dental check-ups should be done.

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