Interdental cleaning brushes

The interdental brush is a special type of brush which can be effectively used for cleaning the spaces in-between the teeth and also the spaces in- between the wires of the dental braces and the teeth. These interdental brushes are available in different widths and the individual who wants to use the brush can purchase the interdental brush according to the space between his or her teeth.

The interdental brushes are also known as interproximal brushes or proxy brushes. These brushes are typically disposable and consist of a recyclable, angled plastic handle.

Sometimes, the space between the teeth of some people is too wide and flossing this area becomes difficult. Interdental brush can be very helpful for such people. Using this type of brush is much easier than flossing the teeth. The individual has to gently push the interdental brush back and forward right between the teeth and the gum line.Care should be taken that force or pressure is not applied otherwise it will cause trauma to the gums and the teeth.