Fixed retainers

After the teeth go through a surgery or a treatment of aligning, orthodontic retainers are used which hold the teeth in the correct position. These orthodontic retainers are custom-made and are made of clear plastic or wire. Usually, they are applied after the dental braces are removed or before the installation of dental braces.

Fixed retainer is a type of orthodontic retainer, in which wire is used to bond the teeth from the back side, which means the tongue side. Fixed retainers are different from other orthodontic retainers because other retainers are usually removable, while fixed retainers can not be removed by the patient. Fixed retainers are not as bulky as other orthodontic retainers, hence the mouth does not feel crowded when they are installed in the mouth.

A problem for people with fixed retainers experience is the accumulation of tartar on the teeth because certain areas of the teeth become very difficult to clean by brushing. This tartar gradually causes diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease. Flossing of the teeth should be done with special care by such people so that the plaque and food particles in the tiny spaces are removed.