Fixed dental appliances

Fixed dental appliances are non removable by the patient and are used for long term treatment. Malocclusion is a condition in which the upper tooth arch and the lower tooth arch do not meet perfectly and the alignment between the teeth is disturbed. Fixed dental appliances are primarily used as a treatment for removing the malocclusion. Usually, fixed dental appliances are prescribed and installed for an oral treatment with Orthodontist.

Fixed appliances can be used for cosmetic reasons, to form a perfect alignment between the teeth for a beautiful smile, or for functional reasons, in which the person is facing difficulties due to the malocclusion and to prevent further damage to the teeth.

Dental braces are fixed dental appliances which have been used commonly by individuals for many years. These braces connect the teeth with an arch wire. Force and pressure is put on the teeth constantly by the wire, and this force gradually straightens the teeth. Usually dental braces are worn for about 18 months. Periodic adjustments are necessary to ensure that the force in the dental braces is applied in the right direction.

As fixed dental appliances cannot be removed by the individual when he/she wants, there may be some discomfort during the period the appliance is installed. Moreover, as with all dental appliances, fixed dental appliances need special care. Pain and discomfort may also be experienced by individuals when the fixed appliances are installed or go through adjustments. You need a proper Dental Health Care Tips, to make your process complete and problem free.