Denture Induced stomatitis

Denture Induced stomatitis is the occurrence of stomatitis caused by dentures. Stomatitis is a condition in which the lips, cheeks, gums, tongue, throat, the roof of the mouth and floor of the mouth can become affected and inflamed.

Denture-induced stomatitis is experienced by people who wear dentures, however, sometimes individuals who do not wear dentures can also suffer from this condition. The elderly are more prone to this condition. so, the one should visit the nearby dentist for regular checkup if the condition is getting worse. Also, get Oral Health Free Dental Advice!

Denture-induced stomatitis can be caused by the following:

Poorly fitting dentures that move around, particularly when sleeping

Not cleaning the dentures regularly and appropriately

Candida albicans is a form of yeast and has the potential to cause infections of the oral cavity and the genitals. This can also be a cause of denture-induced stomatits.
Some people do not experience any symptoms with denture-induced stomatis, while some experience inflammation and swelling of the area under the upper denture. Some feel inflammation in the complete oral cavity. Sores can also be formed on the roof of the mouth which can be red and pebble-like.

Incidences of denture-induced stomatits are more common when upper dentures are fixed. The reason is that the upper dentures remain in place due to the suction of the mouth and they also occupy more space in the mouth. Moreover, when the upper dentures are not fitted appropriately, then yeast can form under them.

Cleaning of the oral cavity is vital for everyone. If you have dentures, you need to clean the teeth, gums, tongue and the dentures regularly and properly. This caries the importance of brushing teeth regularly. Even if you do not have any natural teeth left in your mouth you should still maintain complete oral hygiene as the dentists mentions the importance of dental hygiene for healthy mouth. This is the most important factor in preventing denture-induced stomatitis.

Remember to rinse your dentures after every meal. Every night you should clean your dentures with a cream or paste and then soak them overnight in water. Once a week, you need to soak them in an effervescent solution. If you have some teeth left in the mouth, then regularly brush and use flossing technique on them, if there are no teeth left, then regularly rinse the gums with water.

If the denture-induced stomatis is caused by the dentures not fitting well, then the dentist will repair or replace them. Medications and antibiotics will also be prescribed by the dentist for the treatment of the infections caused by the disease.