When a foreign object is applied with immense pressure and force on a tooth, and as a result the tooth starts to wear off, this process is known as dental abrasion. The most fragile and delicate segment of a tooth in this regard is the cementoenamel junction. This is the area which has the thinnest enamel and hence, this is the area where the abrasion starts.

The most common foreign objects that can cause dental abrasion are toothbrushes, floss, toothpicks, etc. Generally, canines and premolars are lost by dental abrasion.

To prevent dental abrasion, it is necessary that unwanted pressure and force should not be applied while brushing and flossing the teeth. Cleaning of the teeth and gums should be done gently. Toothbrushes which have soft and gentle bristles should be used. Moreover, toothpicks should also be used with care. Chewing of nails, pencils and other similar items should be avoided. Removable dentures can also be the cause of the problem, and these should be fixed and removed with care.

In the case of existing abrasion cavities, dental filling is the appropriate treatment. The filling can be done with materials such as composite and glass ionomer. If the abrasion is more severe, then root canal treatment is required.